Connected Parenting

This course offers you:
  • a warm, open hearted way to connect with your child

  • strategies to deal with challenging behaviours

  • healthy boundaries for your child and yourself

  • awareness of the emotional needs associated with different developmental stages

  • useful models to understand relationships and family dynamics

Bringing up children can be very challenging and personally confronting, learning to deal not only with your child's behaviour but also your own responses to your child.

A new baby in the family can have a significant impact on all existing relationships,

both the parent couple

and siblings.

Based on Transactional Analysis, all Connected Parenting programs are an experiential journey specifically tailored to your parenting needs.

We offer a 4 week course on Saturday mornings for parents of pre-school aged children 0-5.

For parents of pre-teens and teenagers we offer an 8 week group on Wednesday evenings.

See course options below.


Mother and Baby on the Beach

Saturday morning

4 week course

Tailored especially for new parents and parents of children aged 0-5 years.

Teenagers in Nature
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Wednesday evening

8 week course

Tailored to suit parents of teenagers

Kids in the Garden
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Wednesday evening

8 week course

For parents of pre-teens 9-12

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