What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is an alternative to individual therapy. The group meets every week for 90 minutes and consists of 6 to 8 members including the therapist. The group setting offers participants a unique opportunity to come together face-to-face to examine the dynamics we create in relationship with others and reflect on the impact we have on each other. 

The focus of the psychotherapy group is on the here-and-now process and relationships and dynamics that develop within the group. This means that participants are encouraged and supported to observe and share their own experience in the here-and-now of what it is like for them being in the group.

This process gives people a tremendous opportunity to give and receive feedback with others about what it is like to be in relationship with them. 


It also provides a space and opportunity for people to experiment and practice new ways of being in relationships and ways of relating to others.

What you can expect from group therapy:

  • Increased sense of self and awareness of your own inner life. This allows you to experience greater autonomy, spontaneity and joy

  • Explore and experiment with new ways of being with yourself and others

  • Hear how others see and hear you which might be different to your own self image

  • Increased connection with self and other. Reduced feelings of aloneness and isolation

  • A sense of belonging

Joining a group

If you would like to join a psychotherapy group we begin with an intake interview to identify the main issues you want to work on and decide if group therapy is an appropriate setting for you. In this session you will also learn more about what to expect from the group.