Women Who Run with the Wolves

Fortnightly Therapy Group for Women

Restore your Intuition and Nourish your Inner Life

 Reflect on your personal story through the lense of inter-cultural archetypes.

Allow aspects of yourself to energise and empower you.

Contact your wildish nature and experience its ability to nourish and guide you. 

This is a monthly therapy group for women based on the work of C.P.Estes in her book

"Women Who Run with the Wolves" 

The group is a combination of here-and-now focus as well as working with what members want to bring. You do not need to know of the book or have read the book to participate.


Some themes from the book which we work with are: 

  • reconnecting women to their inner wisdom,

  • working with the body as a companion and friend,

  • universal archetypes of the child, mother, victim, saboteur and wild woman

  • to nourish inner life and restore intuition

  • build relationship between inner and outer life

This group would be helpful to women who are wanting to:

  • improve mental health 

  • build self-esteem and confidence

  • work on relationship issues 

  • deal with pain both emotional and physical

  • reduce isolation

  • find a support group based on empowerment

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