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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

I have found NeurOptimal neurofeedback to be extremely helpful in assisting the nervous system to self-regulate. It is helpful when used on it's own and especially helpful when used to compliment psychotherapy.

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Could NeurOptimal help you?

NeurOptimal is a non-linear, dynamical neurofeedback system. It helps your brain to optimise itself. It is especially helpful for anything to do with SELF-REGULATION:

  • sleep difficulties

  • digestion issues

  • anxiety and depression

  • stress 

  •  exhaustion or chronic fatigue


  • addiction

  • trauma

  • neurological disorders

  • brain injury

  • seizures

  • general wellbeing

  • dissociative disorders

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How does NeurOptimal work?

You lie back, relax and listen to music. Sensors on your brain read cortical or electical activity in your brain 256 times/second. Unique NeurOptimal algorithms detect when a shift is about to occur and this is when the system gives your brain feedback in the form of auditory information: a glitch in the soundtrack. It is simply giving your brain information about itself so that your automatic brain can decide what it wants to do. There is nothing being put in or taken out. It is just feedback to the brain so it can know itself better. This mirroring assists the brain to optimise itself and get you into the present moment. 

There is no need for any kind of diagnosis in order to use NeurOptimal. It is completely safe and very relaxing.

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How many sessions?

There are no specific recommendations about how often to have NeurOptimal it really comes down to how you feel and what you want. People with chronic conditions may choose to do it twice a day, others may prefer once or twice a week, others once a fortnight or simply when you feel like it.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: you can come into our rooms and have an individual session whenever you like.

RENTAL MACHINES: you can rent a NeurOptimal system and do it in the comfort of you own home as often as you like. If you enjoy this you can purchase your own personal system.

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